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Visiting the Diewood Manufacturer

I left Friday from SFO for a 13 hour plane flight to China. From there I was supposed to connect on a local flight to our manufacturer’s city but missed it because connection was too tight. Tired from the long flight I booked a hotel next to the other airport in Shanghai since they were the only one that does direct flights to the city in the morning. Eventually I managed to find a cab or he found me wandering around looking like I needed him. Without much of a hesitation I jumped in knowing we’d be able to figure it out. Neither of us able to understand each other he spoke into his phone, passed it back to me,...

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Creation of Diewood, a Beer Die Company

Upon graduating college I took a forced hiatus from beer die. The reason? I lived in a city where nobody could afford a yard (a critical component of beer die). On the weekends many would hangout at parks in a college-like atmosphere but none were playing beer die. I realized the solution was a portable beer die table that could fit in the trunk of a car and be checked on airplanes. I spent 2 1/2 years refining the design before it was dialed. Now it’s almost ready. In the coming months I’ll be traveling to visit my manufacturing partner in China to review the products before they ship to the U.S. It's been a long road to get to...

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