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Table Setup Instructions

  • Take the table out of the bag and place the logo side face down.
  • Unfold the table top, flip it over so the logo is face up, and remove any grass between the sections.
  • Extend the legs to your desired height, and align the front bar with each joint.
  • With 4 people lift the table top from the long* sides and place onto legs. Then align joints with front bar of legs.
  • Wipe down when done playing so table doesn't get sticky. 


    Beer Die Instructions

    2 teams of 2 compete on either side of the table. Your partner is next to you on the shorter side. Each player has a cup filled with beer in their corner. 

    You take turns throwing dice (typically bicycle dice) in the air and try to hit the opposing team's side of the table. You and your partner throw one at a time, then the other team throws one at a time.

    The opposing team trys to catch the die after it hits the table and bounces outside the perimeter of the table. The scoring system is outlined below:

    • If the die hits the opposing side of the table then lands on the ground without the other team catching it, that is 1 point. 
    • If the die lands in the opposing team's cup that's 3 points.
    • If the die hits the opposing team's side of the table, then rolls back through your cups (fieldgoal) without the opposing team catching it, that's 2 points. 
    • If the die lands on the line or your side of the table, no points.
    • If the die lands on the table and stays on the table, no points.
    • If the opposing team catches the die, no points. You can only catch with 1 hand and cannot trap the die against your body.
    • Every 4 points your team gets, the opposing team drinks a beer. 
    • You play up to 16 points (or your agreed upon amount) and must win by 2.


    Roll the die on the table to see who starts, the opposing team guesses high or low. Depending on if they guessed right and the die lands on a high or low number, they start, or if guessed wrong you start.